Pfosphene Summary

Pfosphene started in August 2005, as a 'Photo a Day for a Year' project and commitment to improving and exploring photography. The year has come and gone, and although not as regularly, I continue to post photographs from time to time.

Man, What's with the Name?

I get asked this a few times, and in hindsight I would have liked to pick something simpler and easier to remember! With a lack of good domain names left on the internet, people have to be creative. Phosphene is defined as "A sensation of light caused by excitation of the retina by mechanical or electrical means rather than by light, as when the eyeballs are pressed through closed lids." was taken, so seeing as my last name is spelled Pfeifer, I took some creative license on the word.

What do you Shoot With?

The majority of the photos in the collection are digital, yet a large number of the black & white shots are film scans. I shoot digitally with a Nikon D70, and on film with a Nikon N70. I'm also toting around these Nikon lenses: 1:3.5 - 4.5G 18-70mm, 1.4 - 16 50mm, and a 4.5 - 5.6 70-210mm. I tend not to shoot with lighting, but I do have a Metz CL-45 and Chimera softbox which work really well together.

So, Do You Like, Do this for a Living?

No, I do this for my life. I do from time to time sell photographs, but mostly I shoot because I love photography. In my paid world I design, program, and market things for people.

Can I/We Hire you? Can I Buy a Photograph?

Certainly, feel free to contact me at if you have the need of a photographer, or are interested in any of the photographs on this site. Every photographer could use a few bucks to upgrade equipment...

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