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Holocaust Memorial Berlin

Holocaust Memorial Berlin 2009-08-22

NIKON D70 - 46 mm - f/8 - 1/125 sec - 200 iso
  • how can people can countries deny the facts... how can england of all countries remove it from their schools
    ross smiths @ 2009-09-02 01:38:11
  • how can countries deny the facts? depends on what facts you're talking about? 6 million jews? when there were only about 3 million in all of Europe at the time...? oh those pesky little facts eh?
    paul @ 2009-09-02 23:05:46
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    i @ 2009-09-03 14:19:55
  • I saw this when I was visiting family in Germany. I had to ask somebody what it was and even after I knew I was saying "What?" It doesn't look like anything more than a massive modern art piece. Not to mention that people weren't being too respectful while they were in it. Parents were letting their kids run around and climb all over it.

    Ross, the reason that people forget is because they don't want to remember. They want to believe they live in a world that is all sunshine and rainbows and that things like genocide and mass murder don't exist. Look at Rwanda, Darfur, Burma. M Most of the world withered and dithered while it was going on because they didn't want to admit their perfect little idea of how life is doesn't really exist.
    Patrick @ 2009-09-03 21:59:06
  • the memorial should be removed, it's ugly and ridiculous.

    diehard @ 2009-09-04 10:20:28
  • raggle braggle
    tad @ 2009-09-05 21:15:06
  • Huh. Paul. No wonder you are stupid.
    Dan @ 2009-09-08 17:54:12
  • Great, my first degrading by the second discussion of one of my photos.

    Please, if anyone has differing opinions about history or the meaning of something, you're not going to solve them through anonymous broken twitter sized blurbs over the Internet.

    I photograph and share for enjoyment, not for money, so help me keep enjoying it by not turning this site into an ideological battleground.
    Jason @ 2009-09-08 18:13:03
  • I love it J. I think you captured the texture of the blocks wonderfully. I think it would give me a sense of confusion or aimlessness to actually walk through it... Nice work.
    Ted @ 2009-09-11 19:52:08
  • Unfortunately, like anything, the context in which something exists influences the audience's interpretation of it, so something that exists to remind future generations of one of the greatest crimes in the history of humanity, will unavoidably produce commentary on that subject, even if the purpose of the photo is simply to take showcase some interesting viewpoint.

    To me, I find the irregularity of the heights of the blocks mixed with the regularity of the shape of the blocks themselves to be somewhat enjoyably disorienting. That you were able to fill the frame completely with them makes it that much more effective.
    D T Devine @ 2009-09-13 13:22:35
  • I'm definitely glad to host a mature discussion over the differing viewpoints surrounding an issue, even one wildly contraversial to traditionally held views; I think in ideal cases this can be done without degradation to personal insult.

    In my opinion it does make interesting photographic composition but cannot only be appreciated as such; it must be personally experienced as a disorienting walk through its spaces to digest the intention of its design.

    The ideology behind Holocaust affirmation or denial aside, experiencing it for me was meaningful and lasting.
    Jason @ 2009-09-13 18:35:10
  • This is a great photo. Bravo
    Chris Chisu @ 2009-09-15 19:35:07
  • Hey Jason
    Great picture
    I've been there myself and you definately have to experience it to understand it
    The shadows are captrued perfectly here and you get a real feel for the place. Unfortunately people who haven't been there won't understand the point behind the memorial.
    I'm currently doing an artist study on your work for A2 photography so keep up the good work!
    Rebekka M @ 2010-02-24 03:47:10

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