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In a Rainforest

In a Rainforest 2008-10-21

NIKON D70 - 18 mm - f/3.5 - 1/60 sec - 200 iso

I'm quite accustomed to walking through forests, as I often do through Stanley Park. But my recollection fails me, if I've walked many times in my life through an old-growth rainforest. Dense moist cool air fills the nostrils and liven the senses, whispering water weaves its way underneath, birds above chirp in soft filtered sunshine. To stare up the mossy bark of a tree of a thousand years - breathtaking; to know that we are still clear-cutting them down in places, a tragedy of everlasting and unforgivable proportions.

  • Nice to see you back to your photography. Here I was beginning to think I might inherit your camera!
    Wendy @ 2008-10-25 09:33:30

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