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Into a Mug of Coffee

Into a Mug of Coffee 2007-04-22

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Not having added any photos to the site lately, I'm starting to get asked by those who surf a lot at work: "When are you going to put more photos up?"

This is something that may remain rather abstracted to the viewer, unless explained. Sitting, having my morning coffee and some breakfast, I noticed the reflection of the wired mesh window from the mug.

The camera is much to close to the mug to catch it at the camera's closest focal distance; however, the lines from the window are reflected from a greater distance, so peering into the mug I can catch these lines in focus.

An off the wall shot I suppose, but time that I added another to the site.

  • Reminds me of times I go out of focus to relax when I'm too tired.
    Very nice.
    dave @ 2009-02-23 00:33:09

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